BREAKING NEWS:Pride Wrestling Federation strikes PPV deal exclusively with Comcast Sports Net!

Pride Wrestling Federation has struck a 5 PPV deal with Comcast Sports Net to feature PWF’s biggest PPV of the year, ReDemption Live on PPV on April 5th as well as 5 other PWF PPVs in the calendar year. The main event of ReDemption at the ECW arena will feature the PWF Undisputed Champion, “The Mercenary” John Bautista vs Adam Cole in an Armageddon Steel Cage match where its winner takes all. Adam Cole wins and The Mercenary will sell his soul to the devil himself as a member of the Uncharted Awakening. However, if John Batista wins, the most dominant faction in wrestling today will crumble before our very eyes. Don’t miss PWF Redemption, Live on PPV!


Thoughs on the Chris Dickinson incident last Sunday

What’s the issue with the Chris Dickinson incident? I really don’t get it. We all saw a hell of a lot worse in the Attitude Era and not to mention the original EC F’n W! We saw Lita get chairshot after chairshot from SCSA, we saw Beulah get grinded with a damn cheese grater and even worse than that when she went through a barbed wire board at ECW ONS 2005. Not to mention Mae Young being powerbombed off the stage by the Dudleys. I’m pretty sure everyone complaining about this also complains about how there is not much violence in wrestling anymore!

If your really wanted the‪#‎AttitudeEra‬ back, you would applaud the hell out of both these individuals because after all, he is a “heel” and Kimber Lee is a “face”. This was meant for everybody to hate Chris Dickinson with a passion. He got more heel heat. Mission freaking accomplished! Everyone grow a pair of balls and know after all this is pro wrestling,not Wet Willie Entertainment. You all are freaking hypocrites! Good day!!!


Pride Wrestling Federation BattleGround recap from last night

The show kicked off with the first match in the TV Championship tournament as Christopher Daniels went against Bobby Fish. This match was very good and it established the great singles competitors they both are. It was great to see Christopher Daniels get a win but Bobby Fish looked like the bigger star coming out of this one and that’s always great to see. Just an excellent kickoff match.

Then we saw R-Murrieta cut a promo, stating that he is the shooter and if anyone steps in his way, they will share the same fate that Zack Boor suffered last week. After that we saw Kyle O’ Reilly,who is one half of ReDragon, come out and challenge The Shooter to a non-title submission match next week on BattleGround. R-Murrieta accepts, but not without Kyle O’ Reilly trying to send a message to the new HardCore champion. Access Denied by The Shooter, as he German suplexed the hell out of O’Reilly. R-Murrieta has really come into his own as a shooter rather than a rapper gimmick. This will be a hell of a match next week.

“The Game” by Drowning Pool hits as Andrew Blackman makes his way to the ring. He cuts a promo on Paul Heyman, asking is he gonna give him real competition or will he have another 2 minute squash. Instead it was Cameron D. Dangerously who made an appearance, as he says because Heyman’s on RAW tonight, that he will be carrying out the orders of the mastermind behind ECW. He says his opponent will be competition, will be a man that will be a true test to Blackman’s ruthless aggression. “Whatever” by Our Lady Peace hits as Wild Pegasus II is his opponent! Damn these two had an incredible match, with Wild Pegasus II was ready to finish off the self-proclaimed “War Machine” when The Power Force made their appearance known. Blackman took him down from behind and started stomping in his head before punting in his skull. He then added insult to injury by picking him up and hitting him with the full nelson suplex and then connecting with the Apocalypse Stretch. Pegasus II grabbed the rope and then Andrew picks him up and repeatedly hits him with the belly to belly suplex and finally finishing it with the A-Bomb. After the match, The Power Force attacked the leader of The Mafia. Krip had Wild Pegasus II in German Suplex position while Sheriff Phoenix and Chavo Jr. Superkicked him followed with a German Suplex through the announce table. Krip then challenged him to a 3 stages of hell match at PWF Redemption on April 5.

Next in an interview John Bautista challenged the entire Uncharted Awakening to a Gauntlet match. Adam Cole stepped right in his face and accepted. this should be interesting.

The TV Title tournament continues as Chavo Jr faces the returning “Dark Angel” Bobby Christopher. A huge Holy Shit chant breaks out as Bobby Christopher destroys Chavo pretty quick. Then it was announced that next week will be the other two matches in the first round as the returning X-Ray will be facing R-Murrieta and Kenny King faces the debuting Kazarian. This should be pretty interesting as R-murrieta will be wrestling twice in one night and Kazarian will be debuting for PWF. On a side note, it’s great to see the “Dark Angel” back.

Now it’s time for the Gauntlet match. Nothing much to say here as John Bautista looked pretty damn strong. He systematically destroyed every member of the Uncharted Awakening besides Adam Cole who made a run for it. The PWF champion then said there will be no running come redemption, as they will be locked inside a Armageddon Steel Cage for the PWF Championship. If Adam Cole wins the tile, John Bautista has to join the Uncharted Awakening. If The Mercenary retains, the faction crumbles!

Damn Redemption is looking a lot like Starrcade 1997. This is going to be interesting to see. In other news, Cameron D. Dangerously will be back on commentary next week and Heyman will be back in charge.

Here is the link to Pride Wrestling Federation’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrideWrestlingFederation

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Details on Samoa Joe leaving TNA


samoa joe leaves tnaSamoa Joe made a shocking announcement earlier this afternoon that he has parted ways with TNA Wrestling.

V.P. of Talent Relations John Gaburick released an official statement that “TNA and Joe have mutually agreed to part ways” following the expiration of his contract, so he did not quit and was not fired.

Joe signed his first contract with TNA in 2005 and debuted at Slammiversary, immediately branded the “Samoan Submission Machine”. He is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a five-time X-Division Champion, two-time tag champion, one-time television champion, and was only the third triple crown and grand slam champion in TNA history. Per Dave Meltzer’s Observer ratings, he has wrestled the only 5-star match in the company’s history, along with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.


Triple H has formed a new version of The Kliq backstage

In the 1990s, there was a group comprised of five men that were known as the Kliq — Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac. More often than not, they caused trouble behind the scenes in WWE. Aside from being the most successful in the company, the Kliq aren’t famous, but rather infamous for their actions during the “curtain call” incident at Madison Square Garden.

Since then, the WWE Universe hasn’t witnessed a group that possesses so much equality and closeness. That’s all about to change. MetsFan4Ever, a supposed WWE-insider on Reddit, has the inside scoop on a tight-knit group that’s forming backstage at NXT. He is reporting that Triple H formed a Kliq of his own with the “NXT 5.”

“Triple H has cultivated a new Clique. This time, it involves his hand picked group to lead WWE in the future: Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, and Hideo Itami. These are the four guys that Triple H looks out for.

The entire roster is subjected to daily drills. That is, except for Triple H’s clique. It’s been known at the Performance Center that Balor will throw a bit of a hissy fit about doing them then just back away and Owens will nonchalantly not do them. If Bill DeMott gets on their cases about it, which he doesn’t do often, they say they don’t have to. Or, they call up Triple H and he tells the trainers to lay off.”

MetsFan4Ever also goes into detail about how a NXT house shows, if they are lower on the card and wanted to be moved up, they just go to Triple H and he makes the necessary adjustments. Is this a bad road Triple H is leading his five best guys down? The original Kliq pulled the same actions backstage. It was all about backstage politics during the Kliq’s reign on top.

After last night’s NXT Takeover: Rival, four out of the five men were involved in two of the last three matches. Also, Finn Balor and Adrian Neville, as well as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, each received at least 25 minutes of time to work. Each member of the newly-formed Kliq are centerpieces of the show.

Bleacher Report talked about the winners and losers from last night’s special. All five men did a fantastic job of showing the WWE Universe what they can do. Owens and Balor certainly impressed the WWE fans, and WWE officials as well with their performances last night. As history teaches the WWE fans, the word “Kliq” brings up bad vibes. Hopefully for the NXT locker room, it doesn’t go overboard.

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Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) May Be Returning To MMA

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Wrestling News Blog

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) apparently will be returning to MMA soon. It’s believed that he will fight for either Bellator MMA or Glory Kickboxing. Other MMA promotions have talked to him but those are the two groups that have been in  negotiations as of late.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter via WrestlingINC.com

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Ring Of Honor meets with Sinclair Broadcasting Network for budget increase

Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff, head booker Hunter “Delirious” Johnston, ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole all met with parent company Sinclair Broadcasting executives before Final Battle to make a proposal for more money. Sinclair has kept ROH on a budget since purchasing the promotion in 2011, which hasn’t given them much room creatively. The arc of their proposal was that with an increased budget ROH could become the out-and-out #2 promotion in the United States, Briscoe and Cole were brought in to represent the locker room as both are known to heavily support ROH’s product and brand.

Dave Metlzer of the Wrestling Observer reported yesterday that this play did not work, and Sinclair will be keeping ROH on a budget, which they do increase depending on performance, but increase minimally. Last year was a big year for the company both as a product and behind-the-scenes with their expansion into new markets on TV and with their live pay-per-view debut in June. TNA’s woes saw ROH outperform them as a business with their live attendance figures and pay-per-view buys exceeding TNA’s, but with the year TNA had that isn’t saying much.

SBG officials apparently told ROH management to be more disciplined in their spending. There is speculation that this could result in ROH cutting back on the number of names coming into the promotion for their New Japan Pro Wrestling crossover shows in May.

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WWE Teasing a breakup between the Rhodes Brothers, Batista still under contract with the WWE and Bad News Barrett’s new gimmick

– After Stardust walked out on Goldust during a match on SmackDown last night, WWE’s website has an article teasing a split between the two. They wrote the following teaser for RAW:

“Whether Gold & Stardust’s recent troubles can be chalked up to a sibling drama, competitive tag team partners frustrated with losing or something deeper, only time will tell if a breakup is written in the stars for the talented tag team partners. Don’t miss Raw this Monday night at 8/7c to see what’s next for Gold & Stardust.”

– Dave Meltzer noted on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Batista is reportedly still under contract with WWE. This doesn’t mean that he will be used any time soon as he’s focused on his movie career.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett tweeted the following about his new “BNZ” gimmick inspired by TMZ:

. First for gossip, WWE breaking news, and Superstar scandals. Stay tuned.


Match Card for TNA Lockdown 2015 tonight

This is the match card for TNA Lockdown 2015:

* Rockstar Spud and Mandrews vs. Tyrus

* Havok vs. Awesome Kong

* The Hardys vs. James Storm and Abyss for the Tag Team Titles

*Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

* Team Angle vs. The BDC in Lethal Lockdown

(Match card courtesy of Wrestlechat.net)


Preview for New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV 2/6/15

Tonight on AXS TV will be an interesting night of action as IWGP heavyweight champion Hiroshi Tanahashi battles Prince Devitt (WWE’s Finn Balor) in an epic clash from destruction 2013. Also on tonight’s episode will be an explosive confrontation between “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada vs Togi Makabe in an outstanding 4 star match from June 22,2013.

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